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Those who choose to partner with North Sea Port are choosing a versatile, multimodal deepsea port that still offers a great deal of space for development. A wide spectrum of goods passes through the port area – which extends from the North Sea up to some 32 kilometres inland – before moving on to their destination in a variety of ways. North Sea Port is home to unique locations for production, distribution, logistics and dockside activities. Come discover how our assets can benefit you.

Bulk and so much more

Multimodal port

North Sea Port is a logistical hub at the centre of Europe. The port's location in Western Europe and its infrastructure make it a true multimodal port. As a deepsea port, North Sea Port lies in the Hamburg - Le Havre range, right at the heart of Western Europe and along the major North Sea - Mediterranean and Rhine - Alpine corridors. North Sea Port also lies at the junction of various European transport possibilities. As a result, we receive ships from all across the globe and pass goods on to the rest of Europe – and beyond – via an extensive network of hinterland connections. More and more, North Sea Port is opting for transport by means of inland shipping, rail and pipeline. This modal shift is allowing us to both reduce congestion on saturated motorways and take responsibility for conserving the environment. 

Terminals with regular liner services

For seagoing ships, North Sea Port offers permanent liner services to Central and South America, along with service to nearly the entire Mediterranean region and European coast for the shortsea sector. There are numerous inland shipping and rail connections as well, including a permanent rail connection between North Sea Port and China. North Sea Port has a number of multimodal terminals to serve these modalities. 

A list of the regular liner services and multimodal terminals in North Sea Port can be found via the link below. 

Optimisation of hinterland connections

North Sea Port looks ahead. This is done in the shape of smart infrastructure projects on the water, on the road, on railways and for pipelines we co-invest in improving the connections to the hinterland. 

1,000 hectares of free space

One of North Sea Port’s unique trump cards is its space for development. The port area still has 1,000 hectares of land available for businesses, for both dockside and non-dockside activities relating to the transshipment of general cargo, tank storage, offshore wind activities, manufacturing industry and many other sectors. For future clients, North Sea Port is building custom infrastructure in the shape of roads, quays, railways, pipelines and many other facilities. The vicinity of leading companies makes North Sea Port an inspiring place to base your business and provides opportunities for smart synergies.
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Tariffs and conditions

Certain conditions and rates apply to all parties working with North Sea Port. Sometimes
these vary on the Dutch and Belgian sides. This is the case for maritime shipping rates.
Conditions also apply to the Dutch port area regarding the issue of land, procurement and
excavation work and work on cables and pipelines. All rates and conditions can be found on one handy page.