Many leading breakbulk players have established their locations in the port area of North Sea Port. Breakbulk makes up 15% of the goods transshipped by sea-going vessel at North Sea Port. Thanks to this North Sea Port is the top port in Europe for breakbulk.

From steel and paper to offshore wind 

One of the world's largest steel manufacturers has integrated the entire steel production chain at a single commercial site on the Gent-Terneuzen Canal. The largest newspaper machine in the world churns out paper for a significant portion of Europe here as well. We are also the top port in Europe for the handling, storage and distribution of cellulose. In Vlissingen, the wind industry is developing rapidly: from the transport of offshore turbine parts to the site, to the installation, maintenance and eventual recycling of those parts. 

Breakbulk, general cargo and commercial cargo 

Examples of breakbulk are steel rolls, sheet steel, paper, lumber, bridges, lock gates and commercial cargo for the offshore industry.