Environmental management

North Sea Port strives for a continuous improvement of its sustainable operational management. For this purpose, as a merged company, we aimed at using one single environmental management system with which we are monitoring the environmental aspects of our own processes and continue to make them even more sustainable. It is called the Port Environmental Review System (PERS).

We make our own processes more sustainable by monitoring the sustainable aspects of issuing sites and the realization and maintenance of infrastructure, among other things. North Sea Port does the same for its shipping management. The results are used to make our operation even more sustainable.

Port Environmental Review System

The environmental management system called Port Environmental Review System is a creation by EcoPorts, the most important network of European green ports that is integrated within ESPO.

PERS is tailored to the needs of port companies in order to support them in achieving goals concerning the observance of legislation, sustainable development and environmental protection. As this method of working is internationally recognized and certified by an independent organisation, the environmental accomplishments can be evaluated and adjusted within the benchmark of the European ports.

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Certification in 2021

North Sea Port will be nominated for a PERS certification in 2021.

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