Every year, thousands of seagoing and inland vessels visit North Sea Port 24/7. Due to the increased activities in the port, shipping will probably continue to grow over the next couple of years. North Sea Port is always working to improve its maritime access, to allow the seagoing and inland vessels to moor and depart quickly and safely in the port area.

Maritime access

The Western Scheldt, which passes through the port area, offers an open connection to the North Sea towards the international routes on the Atlantic and towards the Baltic States. Thanks to the maximum depth of 17 metres, the largest seagoing vessels can reach the port.

International shipping traffic also requires everyone to use the same working language. In the area covering the Western Scheldt, the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal and the river Scheldt up to Antwerp, Dutch or English must be used as the working language when communicating by radiotelephone.

North Sea Port provides fast and safe passage, among other things, by using the Enigma+ information and communication system. 

Maritime shipping

As a seaport, North Sea Port is accessible to seagoing vessels from all over the world due to its strategic location at the North Sea. The draught varies from 17 metres in Vlissingen to 12.5 metres on the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal and Ghent, 32 kilometres inland. Almost 9,100 seagoing vessels moor at North Sea Port every year, from capesizers, coasters, container ships to RoRo ships and bulk vessels. 

Inland shipping

Its central location in the West-European waterway network makes North Sea Port an important artery for inland shipping in Europe. All neighbouring ports are easily reachable and the waterway network reaches as far as the Black Sea. Every year about 41,000 inland vessels enter North Sea Port to load and unload. Many different facilities are available for this in the port to allow the passage to run smoothly.

Port Security and Safety

North Sea Port is committed to high levels of security and safety. The International Ship & Port Facility Security Code is obviously used here, and measures are taken to protect vessels and port facilities. North Sea Port also monitors all the activities in the port area 24/7. 

Port and health

Because of the increase of international transport, infectious diseases can spread faster and more easily. This is why more attention is being paid to infectious diseases worldwide. 

Privacy statement on shipping

In order to comply with our statutory obligations and tasks of general interest, North Sea Port processes the personal data of all port users. We will do this with the greatest care for your privacy and in accordance with the applicable privacy regulations