Maritime access

North Sea Port, located along both banks of the Western Scheldt, is accessible to global shipping via the North Sea. The Western Scheldt provides an open connection to the North Sea and is close to international routes. Thanks to the maximum depth of 17 metres, the largest seagoing vessels can reach the port.

Western Scheldt: Vlissingen, Borsele and Braakmanhaven 

The Western Scheldt is a tidal waterway. In Vlissingen and Borsele on the Western Scheldt, North Sea Port is accessible to ships with a draught of up to 17 metres. The Braakmanhaven, also located along the Western Scheldt, has a maximum draught of 12.1 metres.

Gent-Terneuzen Canal 

Terneuzen and Gent can be reached by seagoing and inland vessels via the lock complex at Terneuzen, which lies at the head of the Gent-Terneuzen Canal. This straight and wide canal offers shipping traffic smooth and rapid nautical access to Terneuzen and all the way to Gent, at North Sea Port’s southern limit. 

The non-tidal Gent-Terneuzen Canal is accessible to ships with a maximum draught of 12.5 metres. The Western Lock in Terneuzen can accommodate ships of up to 92,000 DWT (‘deadweight tonnage’ or carrying capacity), with a maximum length of 265 metres, a width of 37 metres and a draught of 12.50 metres. By 2022, a new lock will be finished that will replace the middle of the three existing locks. This will prepare North Sea Port for the future, to properly welcome the ships that are always increasing in size.