Maritime shipping

Due to its strategic location on the North Sea, North Sea Port is accessible to ocean-going vessels from all over the world. To ensure a smooth passage, a number of tools are available, various service providers can be called upon and, of course, a number of conditions, rates and regulations apply.

For instance: all ships arriving in or departing from North Sea Port are required to submit electronic notification to ENIGMA+. The terms & conditions, fees and regulations for maritime shipping at North Sea Port can be found here as well. 


Practical matters for the seagoing vessels in North Sea Port can be taken care of quickly. This includes applying for a bunker permit or the way in which waste collection is organised. We have prepared an overview here.

Tariffs and regulations

Certain conditions and regulations apply to maritime shipping in North Sea Port. Port dues are levied, for example, but those are not the same for all seagoing vessels. The regulations in the port area also include various guidelines to be observed by seagoing vessels.