Port card Gent

Port card

All persons who want to enter the port area for professional reasons must have a valid port card. This is also described in the "Algemene politieverordening" (in Dutch) (Article 2.2.1.). This is because authorisation is required to enter the docks, quays and quay access roads. Anyone unwilling or unable to present a port card can be refused access to the port. 

The Port Authority’s harbour master’s office issues the port cards. The port card can be requested by using the application form below. The price of a port card is stated in the tariff regulations and is invoiced to the company. The port card remains valid for 5 years. 

Expired cards and cards from persons who are no longer employees must be returned to the harbour master’s office. 

The port card complements the electronic ID card. 

Application form for a port card 

Temporary access 

Permission must also be obtained for one-off or temporary access to the docks and quays (e.g. for a short job at a company in the port, to take pictures or for filming). This application is also handled by means of the application form below. 

Temporary access to the port area: request your permission