Tariffs and conditions

Certain terms and conditions apply to everyone who works with North Sea Port. From 2021, the cross-border port area will have the same tariffs for navigation. View the complete list of tariffs and general terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions and Tariffs

For the use of port infrastructure by navigation, terms and conditions and, tariffs apply in North Sea Port. Seagoing vessels and inland vessels, for example, must pay port dues. Discounts and subscriptions are also available. 

From 2021, the same tariffs apply to the entire cross-border port area of North Sea Port (i.e. in Vlissingen/Terneuzen and Ghent). In the past, there was still a difference in pricing between the Dutch and the Flemish part of the port. From 2021, customers will receive one invoice only.

With this harmonisation of the tariffs and a simplification of the handling of administrative processes, North Sea Port is taking a new step as a recent merger port, but we also want to promote the customer-friendliness. 

Due to differences in national legislation, there are still two tariff documents, which can be found below. 

Vlissingen and Terneuzen


For further information or if you have any questions, please contact North Sea Port at the following email address:

Terms and Conditions of the allocation of land

North Sea Port has drawn up terms and conditions for the allocation of land, both for letting and long lease. 

Vlissingen and Terneuzen

The conditions have been continuously amended over the years, you can find the most recent version the most recent version (2014) in the list below, followed by earlier versions.


General Purchase Conditions

General Purchase Conditions apply to all suppliers, contractors, companies and other commercial partners with which North Sea Port conducts business. These contain general provisions, and provisions on the delivery of goods and services.

Terms and Conditions, and provisions of Excavasion works and cable & pipe works

The Terms and Conditions, and provisions of Excavation works and cable & pipe works apply to any excavation work and the installation, tensioning, modifying, preservation or clearing of cables or pipes at North Sea Port. These terms and conditions set out the periods that must be observed, and the requirements for the content of submitted plans. These terms and conditions, and provisions only apply in the Dutch part of North Sea Port.

General Terms and Conditions of Excavation and Cable & Pipeline Installation (in Dutch)