Port rules and regulations

In addition to international, European and national legislation, there are also a number of regulations in effect which are dictated by the municipalities within whose borders the port is located.

For North Sea Port Borssele, Terneuzen and Vlissingen, these regulations are set out in the Port Ordinance and corresponding Port Regulations. For North Sea Port Gent, these regulations can be found in the Algemene Politieverordening. 


With the expiration of the Common Rules for Zeeland Seaports on 1 July 2019, from that date, three separate Port Ordinances with corresponding Port Regulations, further decrees and rules entered into force in the area of jurisdiction belonging to North Sea Port Netherlands. 

The Port Ordinances, the corresponding Port Regulations, further decrees and rules are uniform in nature and apply to the port area of North Sea Port, which is located between the municipalities of Borssele, Terneuzen and Vlissingen. 



The Algemene politieverordening (voor Gent) (laatste wijziging 23 november 2015, van kracht sedert 1 januari 2016) establishes the bounds of the port area; sets out the powers of the harbourmaster and chief harbourmaster within the port area; and clearly defines the environmental, traffic and safety provisions to be followed. 

Additional rules and regulations for traffic within the port area were adopted pursuant to the police regulations. These rules describe exceptions to the traffic provisions which apply to the public internal roads in the port and to port vehicles in particular. 

The full text of the Algemene politieverordening (voor Gent) is available for download here.