Drinking water facilities

Deliveries to seagoing vessels in Terneuzen on the Gent-Terneuzen Canal and in the Braakmanhaven are made by the same suppliers as in Gent, De Eendracht CBVA. 

Deliveries to seagoing vessels in Vlissingen can be made by the same suppliers as in Gent, but also by the Vlissingse Bootliedenwacht (VLB). At fixed connection points on the quay, the VLB connects a meter and hose to supply the vessel with drinking water. 


Any drinking water supply company may apply to North Sea Port for approval to supply drinking water to ships in the Gent port area by means of a letter accompanied by an approval dossier. All the conditions can be found below. 

Drinking water companies 

Vlissingse Bootliedenwacht BV

Havennummer 1054, Engelandweg 12
4389 PC Ritthem
Tel.: +31 118 461 349
E-mail: werkleiders@vlbvlissingen.nl

De Eendracht CBVA

Langerbruggenstraat 111, B-9000 Gent
Tel.: +32 (0)9 255 90 31
E-mail: werkleider@eendracht.be

Scheldt Water Trading vof (SWT)

Deltahoek 5, NL-4511 PA Breskens
Tel.: +31 115 695 900
E-mail: werkleiders@scheldtmaritimeservices.nl