Bunkering at the port


Bunkering in Vlissingen is requested in Enigma+ and/or by e-mail

Before the start and at the end of bunkering, the Vlissingen Port Authority must be contacted on VHF 9. 


Every bunker vessel that arrives in the port must have a bunker permit for the Ghent port area (see Article 3.6.1 of the Algemene politieverordening). 

This permit can be requested by sending a letter or e-mail to the Chief Harbour Master. A valid approval certificate for the motor tanker must be enclosed. 

For each bunker delivery, the harbour master’s office of the Port Authority must be contacted on VHF channel 5 before the start of the delivery. They register the details of the delivery in the ENIGMA+ port information system. 

In case of an inspection by the harbour master’s office, a copy of the bunker checklist must be provided. 

You can download the conditions to be met and blank bunker checklists below.