Inland shipping

In order to ensure a smooth, safe voyage, passage and stay for inland navigation vessels, we have listed everything a barge operator needs to know here – from electronic reporting and convenient amenities to tools and rates.

Electronic reporting

Barges entering or leaving North Sea Port must submit an electronic report of the voyage in advance using a suitable electronic reporting system. Several software packages are available for this purpose. 

Learn more about electronic registration and berth information here. 


We offer a number of tools to ensure a smooth passage for inland shipping at North Sea Port. One example is the Harmonie app, a registration tool for inland shipping available in the App Store or on Google Play. The app reduces the administrative process for skippers and provides North Sea Port with complete and timely information about the ship’s stay in the port. 

Lock planning can be used to view planned lock operations and the occupation of the berths and waiting locations at the lock. For the part of North Sea Port in Gent, you must submit a request to use the public quays by means of a form. 


North Sea Port offers various facilities throughout the port area to make a ship’s passage and stay in the port as comfortable as possible. 

For example, we provide current berth information by means of an interactive map. There is also an overview of where various shore power boxes and drinking water facilities are. 

Tariffs and regulations

All the tariffs and regulations that apply to inland shipping at North Sea Port can be found in the General Terms and Conditions (PDF) and tariffs in the Tariff Regulations (PDF). These can be found below. Here you can find information about the tariffs and purchase conditions, subscriptions and regulations. 

Privacy statement regarding waste collection inland navigation

At North Sea Port we process the data of port users with an inland vessel who have their waste collected. We always treat your personal data with respect for your privacy and follow the applicable privacy regulations