Drinking water facilities

Inland shipping vessels can make use of various drinking water facilities at North Sea Port.

In Vlissingen there is a water draw-off point from Parkline. In Terneuzen there are various draw-off points from Parkline. These can be found on our interactive map. 

In Gent, inland shipping vessels can also bunker water at a permanent draw-off point at quay 1065. This is also stated in the Tariff Regulations, which you can find below.


Any drinking water supply company may apply to North Sea Port for approval to supply drinking water to ships in the Ghent port area by means of a letter accompanied by an approval dossier. All the conditions can be found below. 

Drinking water companies 

De Eendracht CBVA

Langerbruggenstraat 111, B-9000 Gent
Tel.: +32 (0)9 255 90 31
E-mail: werkleider@eendracht.be

Scheldt Water Trading vof (SWT)

Deltahoek 5, NL-4511 PA Breskens
Tel.: +31 115 695 900
E-mail: werkleiders@scheldtmaritimeservices.nl

Terms and Conditions and Tariffs

For the use of port infrastructure by navigation, terms and conditions and, tariffs apply in North Sea Port. Seagoing vessels and inland vessels, for example, must pay port dues. Discounts and subscriptions are also available. 

From 2021, the same tariffs apply to the entire cross-border port area of North Sea Port (i.e. in Vlissingen/Terneuzen and Ghent). In the past, there was still a difference in pricing between the Dutch and the Flemish part of the port. From 2021, customers will receive one invoice only.

With this harmonisation of the tariffs and a simplification of the handling of administrative processes, North Sea Port is taking a new step as a recent merger port, but we also want to promote the customer-friendliness. 

Due to differences in national legislation, there are still two tariff documents, which can be found below. 

Vlissingen and Terneuzen


For further information or if you have any questions, please contact North Sea Port at the following email address: