Electronic reporting

Barges entering or leaving North Sea Port must submit an electronic report of the voyage in advance using a suitable electronic reporting system.

Transport notification

If you are starting a new voyage to or from North Sea Port, you will need to electronically notify North Sea Port of your transport. If you have previously submitted a transport notification, that information will be mostly automatically transmitted to us as soon as you enter our port area. 

You can use various software packages for transport notifications. You can use the following to make notifications (now or in the near future): 

You will no longer be able to use VHF channel 78 for transport notifications as of 4 July 2022. However, you can use the familiar VHF channels to contact us about berth information. Check the table below to see which VHF channels you can use.

Who do I contact for berth allocation?

For berth allocation, please contact:


  • Ghent
VHF channel 5
  • Rijkswaterstaat
VHF channel 11
  • Terneuzen
You can moor independently where the signs indicate that this is permitted. For berths at transhipment companies, you should contact those companies yourself. 

Information about berths at Terneuzen can be viewed via berth information or by asking the North Sea Port Field Service : +31 (0)115 647 588.

  • Vlissingen
VHF channel 9

Frequently asked questions about ‘electronic reporting for inland shipping’


If you have any questions about submitting an electronic report of your voyage, please contact North Sea Port using the contact form:

Electronic reporting compulsory

Barge operators are required to notify the port and waterway authorities of their voyages, in order to ensure optimum safety on the water. There is already an electronic reporting requirement for various vessel and transport types such as container and tanker shipping and other transport of dangerous goods. 

Uniform and simple across borders

North Sea Port strives to make the reporting process as simple and uniform as possible for the entire inland navigation sector. This is why we have opted for notification by means of electronic registration. This also brings North Sea Port into line with current developments in Europe to make electronic reporting as simple and easy as possible.

Benefits of electronic reporting

You only need to digitally enter all the data once at the start of the voyage. After that, the data for this single trip is mostly automatically forwarded to all the waterway and port authorities you will encounter throughout your voyage. 


North Sea Port offers various facilities throughout the port area to make a ship’s passage and stay in the port as comfortable as possible. 

For example, we provide current berth information by means of an interactive map. There is also an overview of where various shore power boxes and drinking water facilities are.