What happens if I do not submit an electronic report?

North Sea Port receives reports when vessels enter the port area and berth at quays. In the event of an emergency, we use the information we have and pass it to the emergency services, for example regarding cargo and persons on board. If we do not have this data, it will reduce our ability to inform and respond adequately, and the emergency services will have to base their strategy on their own observations.

We also use the data for invoicing purposes. If information is missing, there is a good chance that you will receive an incorrect invoice from us, after which both you the skipper and we at North Sea Port will have to spend time correcting the invoice details. We would like to avoid that. 

We contact companies/vessels that do not submit electronic reports to request the missing data. If a company/vessel repeatedly chooses not to submit notifications, we can take further action. Naturally, we aim to avoid that. 

Frequently asked questions about ‘electronic reporting for inland shipping’