North Sea Port is pursuing further development as an energy port. The port is investing in the production of renewable energy, both offshore wind and solar power, along with the reduction and reuse of CO2, CO and other gases.

Wind energy and solar power 

North Sea Port supported the realisation of 50 offshore wind farms. What's more, 100 wind turbines in the port area generate energy equal to the consumption of 180,000 households. And thanks to solar parks and solar panels, we are able to supply the electricity grid with an additional amount of sustainable energy equivalent to the needs of 28,000 households. 

Biomass as a raw material and fuel 

Many companies in the port use biomass as a raw material for generating energy. They supply their own heating warmth and electricity through co-generation or using a bio-gas installation powered by agricultural waste. Other companies manufacture bio-fuels. 


North Sea Port is investing in wind energy, solar power, bio-fuels, biomass and bio-gas.