Liquid bulk

North Sea Port is a major European player in liquid bulk as well: liquid bulk accounts for 23% of the transhipment of goods by sea-going vessel in our port area. There are a myriad of storage options and we offer added value by means of production, tolling, blending and transport.

The current storage capacity of some 3.9 million m³ enables the port to retain reserves of liquid bulk for both short- and long-term storage. In the future, the port expects to further expand this storage capacity to 4.7 million m³. 

And as a sustainable port, North Sea Port is also investing in the production of nearly 1 million tons of bio-fuel (bio-ethanol and bio-diesel) per year. This earns the port a place among sustainability leaders in Europe. 

Liquid bulk goods 

Examples of liquid bulk goods are fuels and bio-fuels, oils, lubricants, sulphuric acid, adhesives, polyethylene chemicals, fruit juice and liquid fertilisers.