Bio-based economy

North Sea Port is committing itself in a variety of ways to achieving a bio-based economy.

Pilot plant and excellent training 

North Sea Port is cooperating with the University of Ghent and a number of companies in the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, a pilot plant at the Rodenhuizedok where efforts to scale up bio-based solutions are in full swing. Excellent training sessions for operators are being provided in the Training Centre in Terneuzen. 

Smart cooperation between companies 

The peninsula between Moervaart, the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal and the Rodenhuizedok has expanded into a textbook example of how neighbouring companies can strengthen one another, with bio-fuels – bio-ethanol en biodiesel – as the common denominator. From raw material to processing, storage and multimodal distribution: every exchange between the five companies is carried out without the use of trucks, ships or trains. Conveyor belts and pipelines are sufficient. 


The core products in the bio-based economy are the pilot plant at the Rodenhuizedok, bio-fuels and plastics.