Dry bulk

North Sea Port is a true dry bulk specialist. Dry bulk accounts for 53% of the transhipment of goods by sea-going vessel in our port area. We welcome and provide accommodations for a large number of companies that store, tranship, process or manufacture dry bulk goods. Each of them has its own unique added value, which enables North Sea Port to create clever synergies.

From cereals to grains of salt 

North Sea Port is sometimes referred to as the ‘granary of Europe’. Nearly half the grain in Europe passes through our port area. We also have the largest in-port salt terminal in Europe and we're the top player in fertilisers in the ‘ARA range’ (Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam). 

Dry bulk goods 

Examples of dry bulk goods are agricultural products, salt, sugar, iron ore, fertilisers, solid fuels, ferrous alloys and building materials.