• Activities: Dockland focuses on companies active in the chemical sector, wholesale and distribution of chemical products and related sectors, such as storage and logistics. It is a perfect site for companies that are subject to Belgian Seveso III legislation or may be in the future. Dockland is in line with the sustainability ambitions of the United Nations, which North Sea Port has signed.
  • Permits: Companies that move to Dockland immediately comply with all the specific requirements and (environmental) permits for the business site, the storage and treatment of products and their use. Joint safety measures and inspection management guarantee a high level of safety and create efficiency for companies and authorities. 
  • Surface area of industrial site: 5.5 hectares, expandable to 8 hectares 
  • Space still available: 5.5 hectares 
  • Infrastructure: still to be developed based on the needs of the businesses. Shared use of infrastructure and the logistics platform (access by public road from the Kuhlmannkaai along the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal, internal roads, facilities for power, gas and water) reduces the costs and saves on the limited space, with respect for the residents in the area. This results in a reduction of the environmental burden. The lead time between first contact and the start-up of the activity is 2 to 3 months rather than the usual lead time of 2 to 3 years. 
  • Access: seagoing and inland vessels via the nearby Kluizendok along the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal 
  • Construction: Dockland (within the borders of Ghent and Evergem). 
  • Interested? Dockland offices, , +32 (0)4 96 26 61 42