Zeelandic Flanders greenhouse horticulture

  • Activities: ‘Zeelandic Flanders greenhouse horticulture’. In this unique greenhouse horticultural area, residual heat and CO2 from fertiliser plant Yara are reused. This makes sustainable production possible. 
  • Surface area of industrial site: 220 hectares 
  • Space still available: 25 hectares 
  • Infrastructure: land to be developed for greenhouses. The heat and CO2 for the greenhouses are supplied by WarmCO2 in collaboration with Yara. Various companies in the sector have already moved here, such as tomato, bell pepper and eggplant farmers. Qualified personnel is available thanks to the Information and Training Centre for Greenhouse Horticulture in Terneuzen (via www.werkenindekas.nl
  • Access: this greenhouse horticultural area to the south of Terneuzen is directly adjacent to the port area, accessible by road (Tractaatweg N62), the Sluiskiltunnel that connects the left and right banks of the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal 
  • Construction: North Sea Port for the land and WarmCO2 for the energy (heat + CO2) (within the borders of Terneuzen). 
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