• Activities: logistics and distribution, construction, recycling, food, bio-based sector 
  • Surface area of industrial site: 400 hectares 
  • Space still available: 300 hectares 
  • Infrastructure: more than half the industrial site has been provided with all the required utilities and roads. The other sections will be finished later based on the needs of the companies. Around the dock there are railway tracks, sidings and a 7.6 kilometre road. 
  • Draught: 12.50 metres max along a total of 4.82 kilometres of quay walls 
  • Access: seagoing and inland vessels via the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal, by road (R4 West, E17/E40 and N49) and by rail 
  • Construction: North Sea Port (within the borders of Ghent and Evergem). 
  • Interested? North Sea Port, invest@northseaport.com, +32 (0)9 251 05 50