North Sea Port exhibition

Experience North Sea Port during a visit to our unique exhibition. It shows North Sea Port in all its facets: the 9,100-hectare cross-border port area that stretches over 60 kilometres from the Dutch ports of Vlissingen, Borsele and Terneuzen to Ghent in Belgium where almost 102,000 people are working (in)directly at 525 companies. The exhibition can be visited free of charge.

In augmented reality

The exhibition shows the present-day North Sea Port in an extraordinary augmented reality experience. The scale model that is entirely cut out, comprises the entire port area of North Sea Port. You can bring the port to life by using an iPad. Aim the iPad at the model and the information appears.

In addition, on a big screen you can view some activities in North Sea Port such as vessels entering the port and the loading, unloading and further transport of goods. A unique view at this port area you are not allowed or will never be able to enter.

Locations and opening hours

Do you wish to pay a visit to this exhibition? Please, drop in at the Portaal van Vlaanderen in Terneuzen or at the Port House in Ghent.


Portaal van Vlaanderen exhibition

Beneluxweg 101
4538 AL Terneuzen 
The Netherlands

Opening Hours of Portaal van Vlaanderen

The ‘Portaal van Vlaanderen’ (portal of Flanders) is the port information centre that shows you everything that has to do with North Sea Port and with shipping in the Zeeland Flanders Canal Zone. Among other things, you can find exhibitions there on the construction of the Nieuwe Sluis (New Lock) and on North Sea Port itself.

Havenhuis exhibition

Graslei 14
9000 Ghent

Opening hours Havenhuis Gent 

From Wednesday to Saturday (inclusive)
From 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The exhibition at the Port House can be visited both individually and in group free of charge. The location has wheelchair access; a wheelchair ramp and a lift are present.