North Sea Port attracts new DHG logistics project to Vlissingen

Published on Thu 15 Jun 2023
Dutch property developer DHG has leased a 12-hectare site in Vlissingen. The group plans to build a high-quality distribution platform there with 70,000 m² of warehouses. In doing so, DHG is further embedding itself in North Sea Port and the logistics pillar which is strategic for the port.

In the Connect 2025 Strategic Plan, North Sea Port focuses on seven spearhead sectors in which the port aims to play a significant role. Value-added logistics is one of them. In recent years, the port has made substantial progress in attracting major logistics players and project developers. Many choose to extend their presence in the port step by step.

DHG is a case in point. The group already has a total of more than 1.3 million square metres of warehouses in its portfolio in the Netherlands and Belgium and has plans for considerably more. DHG intends to build part of that additional capacity in North Sea Port.

31 + 11+ 12

The company established a presence in Vlissingen last year when it acquired a 31-hectare terminal at Quarleshaven as part of an agreement with cargo handler Verbrugge. The plan is to build 100,000 m² of warehouses there in phases. Meanwhile, with a second transaction, DHG extended its presence in Vlissingen by 11 hectares.

A further 12 hectares are now being added to that, with room for another 70,000 m² of warehouses for value-added logistics. Construction is expected to commence in the near future. For developments of this kind, DHG uses its own Smartlog concept of high-quality distribution centres that meet high specifications and are designed to accommodate a variety of users.


DHG sees the sustainable economic activity and multimodal capabilities of North Sea Port as important assets for its new location. It anticipates working closely with the adjacent inland shipping container terminal at Verbrugge. This will create opportunities for transferring containers to the distribution centres without the need for trucks, saving costs and helping avoid emissions.

DHG is happy to lend its support to such sustainability efforts. The group is exploring the possibility of also making the distribution centres at this location suitable for the storage of lithium-ion batteries, in the expectation that demand for capacity to store and tranship these batteries will soar with advancing electrification.

Strong roots

With the expansion at DHG, North Sea Port is climbing another rung on the logistics ladder. It's something Daan Schalck, the port's CEO, is keen to see happen: "The 12-hectare expansion of the existing distribution centres sees DHG put down even stronger roots in North Sea Port, allowing us to further grow the storage and distribution of goods in our port together. After all, North Sea Port is committed to value-added logistics, particularly if they take advantage of our excellent hinterland connections."

Picture: DHG