Ports of Cartagena, Trieste & Monfalcone, Riga and North Sea Port launch cooperation

Published on Wed 19 Jun 2024
Port of Cartagena, Ports of Trieste and Monfalcone, Freeport of Riga Authority and North Sea Port are joining forces. As medium-sized European ports, they will cooperate around sustainability, energy transition, digitalisation and the European transport network.

The signing of a declaration will kick off this cooperation. The four ports intend to exchange their knowledge and best practices in the field of energy management, including the introduction of renewable energy sources, environmental management and sustainable port management. The ports will also jointly strengthen commercial interests and support cargo flows between the ports. Sharing knowledge on further digitalisation, such as Port Community System (PCS) and traffic management, is part of this. 

Another important objective of the network is cooperation for funding opportunities and joint projects under European grants. 

Medium-sized ports network 

With this initiative, the four ports are launching a non-exclusive network of medium-sized ports to exchange knowledge and explore further operational cooperation. The network demonstrates that European port communities are committed and ambitious in achieving European objectives.