North Sea Port has developed the Enigma+ port information system and uses the Lock Planning Tool. We also make our port dues greener: clean vessels receive a discount. By collecting data and developing smart applications, we can save quite a lot on energy and emissions, and encourage ships to implement measures to improve sustainability.

Data for improved planning and reduced emissions 

By using Enigma+ and the Lock Planning Tool, seagoing and inland vessels know exactly when they can moor at a quay or pass through the lock complex in Terneuzen. This allows them to drop anchor en route or slow down and save on fuel. Inland vessels can also moor at a quay while en route to await their turn to pass through the lock. 

Making the port dues greener 

As a sustainable port, North Sea Port is a member of the Environmental Ship Index, together with dozens of other ports worldwide. Ships that can prove they have implemented certain environmentally-friendly measures receive a discount on the port dues. 

Read more on the website of the Environmental Ship Index