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Congestion-free port

North Sea Port is a congestion-free, centrally located port in Western Europe, easily accessible by all modes of transport: seagoing navigation, inland navigation, rail transport and road transport.

From our port you can reach the following cities in less than a day:

City Distance Travel time by truck Travel time by barge
Lille 110 km 1,5h 10h
Dourges 120 km 1,5h 14h
Paris 300 km 3,5h  
Bruxelles 65 km 1h  
Anvers 60 km 1h 6h
Rotterdam 150 km 2h 12h 

North Sea Port: a port located along Europe’s transport corridors

Located on the European multimodal corridors 'Northsea-Med' and 'Rhine-Alpine'

Located on the European rail corridors 'Northsea-Med', 'Rhine-Alpine' and 'Northsea-Baltic'

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