The United Kingdom intends to leave the EU. The precise consequences that this Brexit will entail remain unclear. What we do know is that it may cause serious changes that will affect businesses who trade with the United Kingdom. For this reason, North Sea Port feels it is important to see that businesses in the port are properly prepared and facilitates their efforts, whenever possible.

North Sea Port has launched a variety of initiatives to support the business community. For instance, North Sea Port is facilitating contact with the relevant authorities, such as Customs; lobbying is underway to promote measures that could mitigate the negative impact; and round-table discussions for stakeholders are being held to provide information to involved parties.

In addition, many parties are making information available to businesses, along with tips and tricks, to assist them in preparing for the Brexit. 

For Dutch businesses:

VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland and the Dutch government:Information, news, tips, etc. Website:
The Dutch government:Information, tips, events and so on Website:
Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) – Dutch government:Information, tips, packaging products etc. specifically for animals, animal products, plants and plant-based products Website:, Brexit Info point for the agricultural sector: 
Tax and Customs Administration - Dutch Customs:To request licences, EORI number, information on Customs and import/export duties, etc. Website:

TIP: Brexit Impact Scan (provided by the Dutch government)


For Belgian businesses:

Flanders Investment & Trade Information on the possible social, fiscal and legal consequences of the Brexit Email: brexit@fitagency.beWebsite:
VokaEvolutions, training courses and informational sessions regarding the Brexit  Website: 
Federal Public Service Finance – Customs & dutiesProduct data sheets, Customs, import/export duties, local Brexit coordinators, request licences, EORI number, etc. Website:
UnizoInformation and informational sessions Website:
Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC)Information, tips, status updates on the situation, etc. Website:

TIP:Brexit Impact Scan (from the Belgian Federal Public Service Economy)


For general information on the Brexit, help in getting ready or referrals to direct points of contact at the relevant authorities, you can contact us at