Data-sharing platforms

When importing and exporting goods to and from the UK, it is important to have the correct formalities in place and ready for terminals, data systems, Customs and other government agencies. It is also vital to know where the cargo is located and what journey a seagoing vessel is making and planning.

To that end, North Sea Port cooperates with data-sharing platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium that offer digital services to efficiently support these processes. This makes the existing goods flows ‘Brexit-proof’.

The value we at North Sea Port can offer you, as a client or terminal in our port area, is that – through our port information system Enigma+ – we can link your data on shipping movements and goods flows with RX/Sea Port (port of Zeebrugge), Nextport (port of Antwerp) or Portbase (Dutch ports).

This allows you, and other clients and terminals, to make use of existing services in order to share data concerning the entire supply chain with your partners. North Sea Port can offer attractive bespoke options in this area. As a result, you benefit from not only great flexibility and efficiency, but transparency and security as well. Together, we are Brexit-proof and we can ensure that existing connections continue to run smoothly.


More information

If you are interested in our services, please contact us at You can review the list of service providers with whom North Sea Port cooperates.


Import and export to and from the UK with RX/Seaport (Zeebrugge)

Import and export to and from the UK with Nxtport (Antwerp)

The Netherlands

Import and export to and from the UK with Portbase (Rotterdam) (for companies in Vlissingen and Terneuzen)