Whistleblower Policy

Within our company, the values of community, futureproof and respect are highly valued. Respect also means compliance with applicable laws and respect for each other. The Whistleblower Policy provides the opportunity to report irregularities or misconduct in our organization while ensuring the confidentiality of the reporter.

If you suspect malpractice or breaches of the law, you can report them here. Both North Sea Port employees and external parties can report these misconducts. You can also file a report anonymously. This makes it possible to identify and address possible violations of Belgian, Dutch or European law at an early stage, without the reporter having to be afraid of repercussions. 

File a report 

Because national laws differ, there is a separate reporting portal for each country. This can be achieved very simply within a few clicks using the buttons below: 

Report North Sea Port NL 

Report North Sea Port BE 

Would you rather file a report by phone? That is possible via +32 336 143 77 

How it works 

  • When filing the report, you decide what to report and what not to report, such as: the names of the perpetrator(s), any witnesses and the date. 
  • Next, you choose whether you want to report anonymously. If not, enter your information. 
  • The following step is to create a username and password so that you will have access in the period after your report for further follow-up on this report. The username and password do not have to contain your personal name or details, this way we offer you the possibility to follow up the report anonymously as well. 
  • Did you fill out everything? Submit the report. 
  • Within 7 days you will receive a confirmation of receiving your report. The reporting manager will investigate the reported suspicion. 
  • Within 8 weeks of the report, you will receive a written opinion regarding the content of the report. 
  • No more than 3 months after the confirmation of receiving your report, information will be provided to you about the assessment and possible follow-up of your report. Should the notification manager decide not to investigate, you will be informed within 2 weeks. 

Would you like to know more details? Read about the full proces in the attachment (Dutch)