Security incidents

The PFSO or their deputy will record all ISPS security incidents that occur at their terminal in a logbook and report serious ISPS security incidents to the PSO, and the police if necessary, by phone.

Increased attention to security will be achieved at the terminal when everyone who works there does their part. The Security Awareness Handbook can help in this regard and is also useful in connection with the mandatory periodic refresher courses for non-security staff employed at the terminal. 

NL: 112 in case of emergency, otherwise 0900-8844

The PFSO reports all incidents to the PSO via the MOBI web app, as well as to the police and directly to

BE: 101 in case of emergency, followed by the Ghent harbourmaster's office:: 09 251 56 39

Within 24 hours, a report describing the circumstances of the incident must be submitted by email (using the proper form) to: