Payments and VAT

Depending on the service provided, you will submit payment to one of the subsidiaries: North Sea Port Netherlands (formerly Zeeland Seaports) or North Sea Port Flanders (formerly Ghent Port Company). Please see below how this can be done.

North Sea Port Netherlands

VAT number for North Sea Port Netherlands: NL823062 922 B01

KVK: 50987496

Bank account no: 0285149415 (BNG)

IBAN: NL86BNGH0285149415


North Sea Port Flanders

Please submit payment for your invoice(s) to one of the following bank accounts. Always be sure to include the IBAN and BIC codes, as this will help prevent unnecessary bank fees for both parties. 


Please note: submitting payment of an invoice from a foreign account or an institution in another country may entail additional costs. North Sea Port Flanders refuses to cover any such costs; they are the sole responsibility of the payer. 

  • VAT number for North Sea Port Flanders  
    BE 0218.843.678 - RPR Gent. 
  • BNP Paribas Fortis Bank 
    IBAN: BE91 2900 3041 5076 
    Swift (BIC) code: GEBABEBB 
  • ING Bank 
    IBAN: BE80 3900 1608 4877 
    Swift (BIC) code: BBRUBEBB 
  • Belfius Bank 
    IBAN: BE91 0910 0028 6076 
    Swift (BIC) code: GKCCBEB 
  • KBC Bank NV 
    IBAN: BE04 4449 5044 9131 
    Swift (BIC) code: KREDBEBB



More information 


Invoices may also be settled automatically by means of a European direct debit mandate – Business to Business. In that case, you will need to request this form by e-mail or by phone at +32 (0)9 250 97 12. These are also your means of contact should you have any further questions about the preceding information. 

The European direct debit system replaces both the Belgian direct debit system and the Dutch authorisation for direct debit used by Gent Port Company in the past. It can be used throughout the entire Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). 

For more information, visit the Sepa Belgium website.