North Sea Port secures 106,000 jobs

Published on Tue 23 Jan 2024
When the merger began on 1 January 2018, North Sea Port accounted for 96,750 direct and indirect jobs. Six years later, the tally stands at 105,912, rounded up to 106,000. Value added has also increased.

The arrival of new companies, expansions at existing companies, the development of the energy transition and the circular economy, plus numerous new developments in the logistics and warehousing segment have added no fewer than 9,250 jobs during this period.

For the entire Dutch-Flemish port area, the figure for total direct employment stands at 51,346, indirect employment at 54,566.

Europe's third-biggest in value added

The increase in employment has been accompanied by an increase in value added, which has grown from €12.6 billion to €12.73 billion, comprising €7.39 billion direct value added and €5.34 billion indirect. This puts North Sea Port in third place among Europe’s ports.

The reason for updating these figures now is the publication of the Maritime and Port Monitor by the Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam on 8 January 2024. The figures for the Belgian side of the border are from the National Bank of Belgium (2022).