ISPS certification via the MOBI app

North Sea Port uses a web-based application – the MOBI app – for ISPS certification and recertification in (exclusively) the Dutch section of North Sea Port. The app was developed in cooperation with all the Dutch seaports. Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO’s) and the Zeeland Port Security Assessment Team utilise this app to coordinate for the purpose of your certification or recertification. You can also use MOBI to monitor the progress of your certification request and to send messages.

This method allows the security assessment (i.e. the Port Facility Security Assessment, PFSA) to be conducted as defined in European Regulation 725/2004 and the Port Security Act. Users will automatically be sent a reminder when their security assessment expires.

In addition to recertification, MOBI can also be used for:

  • Automatic reminders and processing of the annual evaluation of the PFSP.
    (i.e. the Port Facility Security Plan, PFSP)
  • Uploading FPSP and the corresponding management.
  • Processing updates to the plan when changes are made.
  • Reporting ISPS drills and exercises.
  • Reporting of ISPS Security incidents to the PSO.
  • GISIS updates.
  • Supervisory module for inspections by the Port Security Act supervisors.


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