Future-proof infrastructure

Reliable and high-quality infrastructure is essential to the further development of North Sea Port. The port authority is responsible for developing and managing the infrastructure in the port area. It does so in partnership with the infrastructure operators.

Vessels with a draught up to 15 metres

In 2023 the New Lock in Terneuzen will be operational. The necessary modifications to the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal are also being prepared in order to allow larger vessels to sail towards Terneuzen and Ghent. By 2025, it will be possible to load and unload New Panamax vessels with a draught of up to 15 metres above the lock in Terneuzen and ships up to 45 metres wide will be able to pass through to Rodenhuizedok in Ghent without any nautical delays.

In addition, work continues on better rail access (Rail Ghent Terneuzen) and the Seine-Scheldt connection will be upgraded to allow vessels of 4,500 tonnes to sail as far as Paris. Further modifications are being made to the R4 West and East orbital motorway around Ghent to make traffic safer and more efficient.

Bottlenecks and missing links

Infrastructure needs to be properly used and shared in order to be sustainable and efficient. Wharves, for example. When investing in infrastructure (such as sites, quays and roads), the port authority is committed to listening carefully to companies in order to prevent bottlenecks and missing links and to better meet changing needs.

A safe infrastructure helps guarantee the port’s ‘license to operate'. Infrastructure must contribute to improving safety and mobility, such as shielding port sites, safe roads and cycle paths and a more extensive cycle network to reflect the increased reliance on cycling for commuter travel.

Smart and innovative infrastructure

Future-proof port infrastructure is not only safe, reliable and efficient. Infrastructure also needs to be smart, innovative and part of a fully connected chain. These chains can be made even more efficient by the use of sensors, cameras, drones and real time Internet of Things. This data is made available in the North Sea Port data community.