Exemption from use of boatmen

Smaller sea-going vessels that are listed in the ‘register of compulsory pilotage for small sea-going vessels’ are exempt from the pilot obligation on the waterways between Vlissingen Rede and Gent. These sea-going vessels are likewise exempt from an obligation to use boatmen in the port.

The conditions for this exemption from the use of boatmen are available for viewing in the port information system ENIGMA+. They can be accessed as follows: 

  • Look up the vessel by name or Lloyd's number in the ENIGMA+ vessel schedule. 
  • Under the tab 'Vessel doc.', you will look for the document type 'Exemption from use of boatmen'. 

Applications for exemption from the use of boatmen should be submitted (and will be responded to) by e-mail

The proper conditions for obtaining an exemption can be found below.