Recent arrivals

Ship Ship no LOA Dr. Flag Location Berth Time Origin Agent
MIDDELBURGL940537089.896.60NederlandVlissingen (NL)DEMEZ27-11-2021 06:31Vlissingen (NL)Ovet Shipping
MINKA CL937356599.605.90Groot-BrittannieGent (BE)536027-11-2021 07:11Newport (GB)Vertom Agencies Ghent
SKARPOEL9393785115.005.50CyprusVlissingen (NL)VZT27-11-2021 07:21Bremen (DE)Verbrugge Marine
KONTICHL9687502181.709.70BelgiëVlissingen (NL)VP227-11-2021 08:32Kårstø (NO)Vopak Agencies Terneuzen
ADELINEL9539092152.025.10MaltaVlissingen (NL)CB27-11-2021 08:52Dagenham (GB)CLDN RoRo
SEASALVIAL9629550183.0010.50MaltaVlissingen (NL)ZRB27-11-2021 08:53Ust'-Luga (RU)LBH Netherlands
CAVALLIL986693899.964.50CyprusVlissingen (NL)ZR327-11-2021 09:05Brunsbüttel (DE)S5 Agency World
EQUINOX AGNANDOUSSAL9503988197.009.00Cayman Islands (British)Gent (BE)091027-11-2021 10:18Vila do Conde Pt/Barcarena (BR)Gans Cargo Operations Belgium
STOLT CORMORANTL914896096.196.60Cayman Islands (British)Terneuzen (NL)BRBW27-11-2021 10:49Rotterdam (NL)S.T.T. Agencies
GOLDEN AMBERL9458987224.9012.50MarshalleilandenGent (BE)530027-11-2021 11:24Narvik (NO)Vertom Agencies Ghent
HUMBRIA SEAWAYSL9832597237.406.80DenemarkenGent (BE)216027-11-2021 13:25Göteborg (SE)DFDS Seaways
NAVI STARL9590979179.9710.00PanamaVlissingen (NL)VZT27-11-2021 14:20Leixões (PT)Verbrugge Marine
LAURA HL9245299109.934.00GibraltarVlissingen (NL)ZR727-11-2021 15:10Le Havre (FR)S5 Agency World
DC VLAANDEREN 3000L925037389.166.50NederlandGent (BE)044027-11-2021 15:24Brugge (Bruges) (BE)Kesteleyn Georges
CELINAL9019200104.405.70Antigua and BarbudaGent (BE)235027-11-2021 15:34Seaham (GB)Gans Cargo Operations Belgium
AUTUMNL9416795128.606.20MarshalleilandenGent (BE)047027-11-2021 15:48Brest (FR)Vopak Agencies Terneuzen
PAVINOL9310381105.504.80PanamaTerneuzen (NL)AVLB27-11-2021 16:09Birkenhead (GB)Vopak Agencies Terneuzen
SAARGASL913578196.903.40LiberiaTerneuzen (NL)KND227-11-2021 16:23Zeebrugge (BE)S5 Agency World
BLUE ANTARESL934668989.956.30Antigua and BarbudaGent (BE)098027-11-2021 18:00Sevilla (ES)Lalemant
KOKSIJDEL9719305181.709.90BelgiëTerneuzen (NL)BROZ27-11-2021 18:05Marcus Hook (US)Vopak Agencies Terneuzen
FROYAL934535082.504.20NoorwegenTerneuzen (NL)AVLD27-11-2021 19:45Hamburg (DE)Wilhelmsen Ships Service
MSC NADRIELYL9149328208.129.00LiberiaVlissingen (NL)BIJN27-11-2021 20:31Antwerpen (BE)MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company (Nederland)
DC BRUGGEL736585189.996.50NederlandGent (BE)704027-11-2021 20:48Gent (BE)De Baerdemaecker
SPAUWERL9668570142.808.50NederlandVlissingen (NL)DEMEZ27-11-2021 23:36Vlissingen (NL)Ovet Shipping
AMUR STARL9480368128.606.20MaltaGent (BE)050027-11-2021 23:39Antwerpen (BE)Cargill
MAINLANDL9431056122.665.60MaltaVlissingen (NL)FINSA28-11-2021 00:21Amsterdam (NL)Vopak Agencies Terneuzen
HAFNIA MALACCAL9725627184.267.20SingaporeGent (BE)776028-11-2021 07:12Antwerpen (BE)Vertom Shipping Belgium
ARKLOW VENUSL977259186.936.40NederlandGent (BE)056028-11-2021 12:38Aalborg (DK)Sea-Invest Shipping Agency

This list comprises a survey of all vessels that recently (from midnight the previous day) entered North Sea Port and have already moored at a quay. Their quay number is listed in the column 'berth'. The table equally indicates the day and hour of arrival at the berth in the port. The previous port is each time mentioned in the column 'origin'. The last column shows the name of the agent, which is the local representative of the seagoing vessels shipping company who takes care of all formalities.

The route that vessels sail to North Sea Port

Seagoing vessels reach North Sea Port from the Atlantic Ocean or the Baltic Sea. On the North Sea, they contact one of the 2 pilot stations to apply for a sea pilot. The latter takes the vessels safely to the Western Scheldt. In Flushing, the sea pilot is exchanged for a canal pilot. The vessel's next stop is the lock complex at Terneuzen in the Netherlands. Via this lock complex both seagoing and inland vessels sail onto the canal from Terneuzen to Ghent. All vessels that sail this route are registered in ENIGMA (Electronic Network for Information in the Ghent Maritime Area). Thanks to this port information system, arriving vessels can already be followed from far away on the North Sea.