Sailing ships

Ship Ship no LOA Dr. Flag Location Berth I/O Agent
ACEROMARL955208299.396.30LuxemburgVlissingen (NL)VZTIVerbrugge Marine
ANGELAL947454197.244.50BelgiëVlissingen (NL)ROROZIGraypen
AURELIAL9392133150.539.50MarshalleilandenGent (BE)0830INavonus
BALTICBORGL9267716153.056.10NederlandTerneuzen (NL)ZEVCIWagenborg Agencies B.V.
BEGONIA SEAWAYSL9262089229.807.00DenemarkenGent (BE)2180IDFDS Seaways
BRITOIL 71L958133247.005.40SingaporeVlissingen (NL)HEERBIOudkerk
BUGSIER 2L933899332.784.00DuitslandVlissingen (NL)BUMAILKL Oceantrade
BW MAGELLANL9735036226.1010.60Eiland ManTerneuzen (NL)BRONIWilhelmsen Port Services Terneuzen BV
CELESTINEL9125372162.495.30MaltaVlissingen (NL)CBICLDN RoRo
CELLUSL917331799.987.50DuitslandVlissingen (NL)VZTIVerbrugge Marine
CHRISTIAN ESSBERGERL921249899.936.10PortugalGent (BE)4710IVertom Shipping Belgium
CORAL STICHOL968550499.956.60NederlandVlissingen (NL)VPIWilhelmsen Port Services Terneuzen BV
DAY BLUEL918481189.906.00BarbadosTerneuzen (NL)ZEVAIVerbrugge Marine
EDT AEOLUSL947600648.884.00LiberiaVlissingen (NL)BUMAILKL Oceantrade
EMS TUGL984973427.022.00PortugalVlissingen (NL)BUMAILKL Oceantrade
EUROCARGO VALENCIAL9192959195.926.50ItalieVlissingen (NL)CBBWIVerbrugge Marine
FRI RIVERL922410491.255.70Bahama'sVlissingen (NL)VSTIVerbrugge Marine
GULLIVERL9774094108.004.20LuxemburgVlissingen (NL)BIJZIOudkerk
HAFNIA SOYAL9729271184.2610.10SingaporeVlissingen (NL)ZRBIWilhelmsen Port Services Terneuzen BV
HELLEL920190679.403.60NoorwegenTerneuzen (NL)WSLIWilhelmsen Port Services
JB 115L877073055.506.50Bahama'sVlissingen (NL)BUMAILKL Oceantrade
JULIAL9820702179.996.40LiberiaTerneuzen (NL)AVLCIWilhelmsen Port Services
KAIRITL919594994.966.40MaltaGent (BE)2350ILalemant
KREETEL927940882.505.60Antigua and BarbudaGent (BE)0970INavonus
LOWLANDS OPALL9317559189.9912.50SingaporeGent (BE)5300IVertom Agencies Ghent
MARILIEL908660587.964.20FinlandGent (BE)1010IDe Baerdemaecker
MARUSL911055999.304.40Antigua and BarbudaGent (BE)7700II-Motion Shipping
MORNINGSTARL9263069189.908.90Hong KongVlissingen (NL)VZTIVerbrugge Marine
NOREL940722592.865.20MaltaVlissingen (NL)ZR7IGraypen
ONEGO NEVAL9438585145.636.30Antigua and BarbudaGent (BE)0920IWilhelmsen Port Services
ORATANKL9336713106.206.10DenemarkenGent (BE)0510INavonus
ORATUULIAL9447237107.346.30PortugalGent (BE)4710ICargill
PANSTELLARL9272943224.9411.55MarshalleilandenGent (BE)5300IVertom Agencies Ghent
PREGOL HAVL851923982.604.20Antigua and BarbudaGent (BE)5465UVertom Agencies Ghent
PRIMULA SEAWAYSL9259513229.807.10DenemarkenGent (BE)2180IDFDS Seaways
SCOT LEIPZIGL9260847116.857.30MaltaGent (BE)5945ILBH Belgium
SEVKETTIN SONAYL9334313143.418.10PanamaGent (BE)0320UDe Baerdemaecker
STAR JAVAL9310513198.0012.38NoorwegenVlissingen (NL)VSTIVerbrugge Marine
THRESHERL937795199.903.80NederlandVlissingen (NL)VP4UWilhelmsen Port Services Terneuzen BV
VENTURAL919573188.785.60Groot-BrittannieGent (BE)7100INewman Shipping & Agency co
VITALITYL947201289.935.00Eiland ManVlissingen (NL)SAGROUOvet Shipping
WAALDIJKL951493789.953.80NederlandTerneuzen (NL)AVLBIWilhelmsen Port Services
WILHELMINEL9539080152.005.00MaltaVlissingen (NL)CBICLDN RoRo

This gives an overview of all ships currently on their way to North Sea Port (see column 'I/U' where 'I' means incoming), all vessels that already left the port (see column 'I/O' where 'O' means outgoing), but also of the vessels that will only pass through North Sea Port. All these vessels can already be viewed from the North Sea via the globe at the top of the table, which links to an interactive map with several layers. The column 'berth' refers to the quay where the vessel is sailing to or the quay it departed from. In the column 'port' either the previous port is mentioned (for incoming vessels) or the following port (for outgoing vessels). The last column shows the name of the agent, which is the local representative of the seagoing vessels shipping company who takes care of all formalities.

The route that vessels sail to North Sea Port

Seagoing vessels reach North Sea Port from the Atlantic Ocean or the Baltic Sea. On the North Sea, they contact one of the 2 pilot stations to apply for a sea pilot. The latter takes the vessels safely to the Western Scheldt. In Flushing, the sea pilot is exchanged for a canal pilot. The vessel's next stop is the lock complex at Terneuzen in the Netherlands. Via this lock complex both seagoing and inland vessels sail onto the canal from Terneuzen to Ghent. All vessels that sail this route are registered in ENIGMA (Electronic Network for Information in the Ghent Maritime Area). Thanks to this port information system, arriving vessels can already be followed from far away on the North Sea.