Expected sailings

Ship Ship no LOA Dr. Flag Location Berth Time Agent
KLAVERBANKL951824499.993.90NederlandTerneuzen (NL)AUTB20-04-2021 22:00Rhenus Logistics B.V.
WILSON DROGHEDAL939012387.833.50Antigua and BarbudaTerneuzen (NL)ZEVD18-05-2021 13:00Verbrugge Marine
NORDIC SEOULL9649861180.008.50LiberiaGent (BE)716018-05-2021 16:00Lalemant
CORAL SIDEREAL9480409104.006.00NederlandVlissingen (NL)VP118-05-2021 16:30S5 Agency World
DOMENICO IEVOLIL9334430118.378.00ItalieGent (BE)050018-05-2021 16:45Cargill
GINGERL950706333.104.00NederlandVlissingen (NL)HEERB18-05-2021 17:00Oudkerk
H-405L9487811122.003.00PanamaVlissingen (NL)HEERB18-05-2021 17:00Oudkerk
SEBASTIANO CABOTOL950536493.254.00LuxemburgVlissingen (NL)BIJZ18-05-2021 18:00Wilhelmsen Ships Service
LIANNEL942227579.943.20Antigua and BarbudaTerneuzen (NL)ZDKA18-05-2021 18:00Wilhelmsen Ships Service
WILHELMINEL9539080152.005.00MaltaVlissingen (NL)CB18-05-2021 19:00CLDN RoRo
TALISL901542481.784.70PanamaGent (BE)778018-05-2021 19:30Vertom Agencies Ghent
ANTONL957670390.005.60Antigua and BarbudaTerneuzen (NL)AUTC18-05-2021 19:30Wilhelmsen Ships Service
AASHEIML9247106107.056.80GibraltarGent (BE)520018-05-2021 22:00Vertom Agencies Ghent
MARJATTAL934537482.505.47CyprusGent (BE)546518-05-2021 23:00Vertom Agencies Ghent
CHARLOCKL975863698.424.00NederlandVlissingen (NL)SCD18-05-2021 23:59Wagenborg Agencies B.V.
ULTRA TRUSTL9748069199.986.00PanamaGent (BE)473019-05-2021 00:30Navonus
ARKLOW WINDL9818943149.505.50IerlandGent (BE)710019-05-2021 01:00Newman Shipping & Agency co
SIROCCOL9686376226.007.90MarshalleilandenTerneuzen (NL)BROZ19-05-2021 02:00Vopak Agencies Terneuzen
TUNADALL9429235157.637.00LiberiaVlissingen (NL)BIJN19-05-2021 02:00Unifeeder Netherlands, branch of Unifeeder
SYN ZANIAL934693895.504.80ItalieTerneuzen (NL)BRAW19-05-2021 05:00Dynamic Port Agencies
BELNORL9490703189.997.07NoorwegenGent (BE)712019-05-2021 08:00Ghent Transport and Storage

The vessel is expected to leave her berth in North Sea Port and to sail on to the open sea or to a next port (see column 'port' in the table). The time mentioned in the table indicates on which date and time the vessel will leave her berth in the port. The last column shows the name of the agent, which is the local representative of the seagoing vessels shipping company who takes care of all formalities.

The route that vessels sail to North Sea Port

Seagoing vessels reach North Sea Port from the Atlantic Ocean or the Baltic Sea. On the North Sea, they contact one of the 2 pilot stations to apply for a sea pilot. The latter takes the vessels safely to the Western Scheldt. In Flushing, the sea pilot is exchanged for a canal pilot. The vessel's next stop is the lock complex at Terneuzen in the Netherlands. Via this lock complex both seagoing and inland vessels sail onto the canal from Terneuzen to Ghent. All vessels that sail this route are registered in ENIGMA (Electronic Network for Information in the Ghent Maritime Area). Thanks to this port information system, arriving vessels can already be followed from far away on the North Sea.