Drills and exercises

Conducting drills and exercises to test the port facilities’ own security plans is both vital and mandatory. Guidelines and inspiration for such practice scenarios can be found in the ‘Exercitium’ handbook (see below for attachment).

A quarterly drill is held every three months; this drill must address components of the port security plan.

Once a year (with the interim period not to exceed 18 months) an exercise of a more integral nature is held, in which external parties will also have the opportunity to participate.

Such integral exercises may involve the joint participation of PFSOs, relevant authorities, the PSO, SSOs and CSOs, among others. 

Reporting ISPS/Health & safety drills in NL

When a possibility exists that external parties such as emergency services may receive a report or request from assistance in connection with a drill or exercise (such as from the company or a concerned citizen), it is advisable to notify these service of the ISPS or Health & safety drills at least 24 hours before the scheduled drill or exercise. This notification may be submitted to the PSO via ISPS@northseaport.com along with the informatie.knooppunt.LE@klpd.politie.nl. 

After concluding the drill, the PFSO must record the exercises conducted in the MOBI web app.

Reporting ISPS/Health & safety drills in BE

Contact for reporting annual exercises in advance: KD@northseaport.com 

To report all drills and exercises: annemie.acke@northseaport.com using the designated form below.