Coach tour Ghent

You start your visit to the docks at the visitor centre. This architectural highlight with a view of the water is on Rigakaai, at the boundary between the city of Ghent and North Sea Port's southernmost point. Your guide will be waiting for you and will get on the coach here.

Due to the corona measures, reservations are only possible with your own family and without a guide. For more information, please contact us via the contact form below.

There are two guides’ associations available to show you and your party around the docks. Which association you choose for your tour is up to you. 

Gandante tour guide association  

Ghent Guides tour guide association  

Practical information 

  • The school/group needs to arrange its own coach with a microphone. 
  • North Sea Port will book the guide (you choose which association you wish to use). 
  • The price of the guide is €80 to €90. You will receive a quotation/confirmation per organization. 
  • The tour lasts approximately 2 hours. 
  • You can request a tour up to 3 weeks beforehand using the online registration form.