Digitalisation and data community

A lot of data is exchanged in the port and logistics community so that logistics chains can operate smoothly and safely. Data platforms and Port Community Systems facilitate the necessary digital information exchange and strengthen the logistics chains.

Smart transport

The data economy and ongoing digitalisation have long been a fact of life in the port world. Everything is becoming ever more hyper-connected, with data becoming a commodity in itself. Smart data, as well as people, will drive transport chains and make them even more efficient.

North Sea Port must become a part of the digital platforms that will control trade flows in the future. For example, for the logistics chain, to stop the undermining of safety, for manufacturing industry, for control by artificial intelligence and for ‘smart’ cargo flows.

Digitalised port managing system

Together with the companies in the port, the port authority wants to develop a 'North Sea Portal' by 2023. The rapid and secure exchange of data, including North Sea Port’s own data, will contribute to increased efficiency and synergy.

By 2025, North Sea Port's own port management system will be fully digitalised in order to make the nautical chain stronger and more efficient in terms of turnaround time, safety, etc. Cybersecurity is a decisive factor here.

Here too, the port authority will primarily act as a connector for the players in the logistics chain. The data community will be built by seeking cooperation with the platforms of the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.