General announcement 'Local Port Services' Vlissingen/Borsele

Published on Mon 1 Aug 2022
The Harbourmaster of North Sea Port announces that as of 8 August 2022, services in the ports of Vlissingen and Borsele will be changing. From that point on, information will be provided as described in this document, based on IALA Guideline G1142, Local Port Services.

There will be no VTS traffic control from 8 August 2022.

This change will be effective indefinitely and will apply in the docks designated on the map below, namely: Bijleveldhaven, Buitenhaven, Van Cittershaven, Kaloothaven, Kraaijerthaven, Quarleshaven, Scaldiahaven, Sloehaven, Westhofhaven.

Reasons for the change

North Sea Port is amending the services it provides in the ports of Vlissingen and Borsele. In recent times, there has been great variation in the provision of services due to the prevailing circumstances. Because North Sea Port does not expect these circumstances to change in the foreseeable future, it has decided to adopt a different working method.

Formal basis

The Maritime Traffic Act and the police regulations for inland waterways (BPR) apply in the relevant docks. In addition, the North Sea Port Netherlands Port Regulations, approved by the municipal councils of Vlissingen and Borsele, apply. Port Operations is responsible for safety and order in the relevant area. The Harbourmaster has been charged with responsibility for implementing various regulations.

Pursuant to the article 3.2 of the Port Regulations, every vessel must report by means of a call via VHF09 (Vlissingen and Borsele) before the start of a voyage/movement/activity, on entering the port area and on arrival at the berth. This operational report is preceded by electronic registration (inland shipping) and travel data reporting via Enigma+ (maritime shipping).

When sailing in or through the docks, vessels use VHF09 to communicate with other vessels about traffic arrangements. Vessels must monitor this frequency permanently when sailing and moored in the docks.

Operational instructions given by the harbour coordinator on behalf of the harbourmaster must be complied with.

Local Port Services Vlissingen and Borsele

North Sea Port offers all vessels information on:

  • The destination and berth including dolphin numbers
  • Whether the berth will be free on arrival or the time when the berth will be free (for maritime shipping only)
  • Special circumstances/activities on the waterway/in the port that require modified vessel operations

Relevant information for all shipping: diving, infrastructure work, incidents, emergencies, exercises.

Relevant information specific to maritime shipping: bunkering activities, direct transhipment, double banking.

In addition, North Sea Port provides information on the traffic situation provided the captain or skipper requests it. This relates to the following information:

  • Shipping (maritime + inland)/special transports (towing, dredgers, etc.) already underway at the port
    • Vessel name
    • Location in the dock
    • Destination
    • Dimensions (oversized, coaster,... ) (only in the case of seagoing vessels)
    • Manoeuvres that involve a swinging motion (only in the case of seagoing vessels)
  • o Shipping/special transports scheduled to depart (where applicable)
    • Vessel name
    • Location of departure/movement
    • Scheduled time of departure

North Sea Port will not be providing traffic forecasts in the coming time. Neither will North Sea Port be providing navigational instructions or (nautical) advice. The traffic information provided will relate purely to the situation at that time. Traffic arrangements between vessels are not monitored by North Sea Port. You are in an area without active traffic control.

Whenever incident and emergency management are in effect, the harbourmaster or the harbour coordinator will give instructions to vessels appropriate to controlling the situation.

If vessels deviate from their schedules, the port coordinator may deny these vessels access to the port and give them notice to leave within a specified time.

Terneuzen, 27-07-2022

J. Hollander