WDP builds multimodal mega-distribution centre in North Sea Port

Published on Thu 3 Dec 2020
The multimodal logistics park WDPort of Ghent in North Sea Port is to be expanded with the addition of a mega-distribution centre covering 150,000 m². The move underlines North Sea Port’s commitment to logistics activities and sustainable transport.

WDP is expanding its multimodal location at Kluizendok in Ghent, North Sea Port (WDPort of Ghent), by building a mega-distribution centre covering 150,000 m². Under the plan, the originally Belgian retailers X2O Bathrooms, Overstock Home and Overstock Garden will enter into a long-term lease for the new facility.

WDP will commence work on this development once the building permit is in place, which is expected to be spring 2021. After that, delivery will take place in phases over a period of one and a half years. The total investment amount is €80 million.

Daan Schalck, CEO North Sea Port: "This investment and long-term commitment show confidence in our port. North Sea Port is pleased to partner with WDP as it increases its focus on developing logistics activities and sustainable multimodal transport in the years to come."

Water, road and rail

WDPort of Ghent is a platform for logistics activities at Kluizendok in Ghent, North Sea Port. The proximity of water, road and rail was crucial to the choice of location for WDP’s new customers, who are keen to invest in international growth and sustainable transport. "After all, transport by water significantly reduces environmental impact and keeps trucks off already busy roads”, said WDP in a statement.

The immediate vicinity of the container terminal at Kluizendok gives the new facility access to transport by sea and inland waterway, road (E34, E17 and E40) and rail. This central location enables companies and their trading partners to serve the European hinterland optimally and efficiently.

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About WDP

WDP develops and invests in logistics real estate (warehouses and offices). WDP has more than 5 million m² in property assets. This international portfolio of semi-industrial and logistics buildings is divided between approximately 250 sites at storage and distribution logistics hubs in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Germany and Romania.