Watch Onze Haven (Our Port): tugboats help seagoing vessels safely in and out of the port

Published on Mon 19 Dec 2022
The boatmen on the quay, the pilots on the seagoing vessels and the crew on the tugs: nautical services provide support to the large ships that call at our port, 24/7. In this episode of Onze Haven we join a tugboat crew that stays on board for a week to assist seagoing vessels.

"These large seagoing vessels are very difficult to maneuver in the port, so they need the tugboats," says tugboat captain Ronald. "With the tugboats we help the ships to enter and leave the port safely. The best part is that we can all do that together, because without my colleagues I wouldn't be able to function as a captain."

And those colleagues are boatman Maarten and engineer Arjan. "Food is very important on a boat. When the crew eats well, they stay happy," Maarten laughs from behind the stove. Arjan shows us the sleeping quarters: "We stay on board for a week. During that time, we sleep from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon. After that, we're on standby."

Onze Haven is a report about North Sea Port that's also broadcast every two weeks on Wednesdays on the Nederlandse Omroep Zeeland (5:15 pm) and the East Flanders regional channel AVS (6:00 pm). You can also find all previous episodes on our YouTube channel.