Watch Onze Haven (Our Port): North Sea Port is actively promoting a mix of nature and industry

Published on Tue 12 Jul 2022
The port area of North Sea Port is home not only to industry, but also to nature. The port authority is explicitly committed to creating green areas on land that has not yet been allocated. The companies themselves are also working on this.

Breeding grounds for the common tern

Dow Benelux, for example, committed itself to creating breeding grounds for the common tern. The bird's population in the Scheldt Delta was under considerable pressure. "We thought: couldn't we create breeding opportunities close to our companies? So, we created an island in one of our water storage areas. The birds began to use it from the first year it was in place and that has led to successful breeding."

Fauna and flora are also promoted at Zeeland Refinery. "There is room alongside our refinery for greenery and a mixed population of plants. It attracts an astonishing number of animals."

Expansion of coupling areas in Ghent

North Sea Port itself allows nature to take its course on some of the undeveloped sites that are not yet immediately slated for allocation to new investors, such as the Koegorspolder near Terneuzen. In the part that is located in Ghent, the Vlaamse Landmaatschappij (the Flemish territorial development authority) is creating coupling areas in collaboration with a series of partners, including the municipalities, the province, the port authority and Flemish public authorities. There are currently about ten coupling areas, and six more areas will be added in the coming years.

"As a port, we not only have a legal duty to take good care of nature in our area, but we certainly also have a moral duty," concludes Jolijn Delissen, environment manager at North Sea Port.

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