Watch Onze Haven (Our Port): North Sea Port invests in a sustainable future

Published on Thu 25 Aug 2022
A central location and multimodal connections with all of Europe make North Sea Port popular, not only with the existing companies wishing to expand, but with international investors from new companies as well.

Of the over 9,000 hectares of North Sea Port, approximately 700 are currently free for development. That means opportunities not just for the 550 existing companies, but also for new companies that now have a chance to establish themselves here. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the port area for national and international investors is the multimodal transport via water, road and rail.

New jobs and sustainable energy

"In the future we would like to be able to handle longer trains. Not just to have the capacity for more volume, but more than that, to be more future-proof," explains Barry Mol, general manager of logistics services provider Bertschi. Thanks to the expansion works, they will be able to double the capacity of their 11,000-square-meter rail terminal in Terneuzen.

Meanwhile, MG Real Estate is currently expanding the site of another player in the logistics field, Eutraco, says CEO Ignace Tytgat. "Eutraco chose this location in the port area of North Sea Port specifically for its multimodal transport connections." Although sustainability also was an important factor, the developer knows. "That's why this wharf is fully energy-neutral and CO2-neutral."

"In recent years we've seen the biggest growth in logistics, the engine behind the jobs we've created here," says Daan Schalck, CEO of North Sea Port. "But with new investments we're aiming for energy projects, too, to help our existing industry become more sustainable." That's another reason why North Sea Port is very happy to have all that space available. It's what will keep the port activities here among the top of the European port sector.

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