Vision and values

North Sea Port doesn’t do mass production: instead, it always focuses on the requirements of the companies and stakeholders it serves. Based on close involvement and flexibility, it does all it can to offer tailored solutions. Thanks to integrated service provision, it provides support and stimulus where possible and where necessary. It contributes ideas and creates opportunities. In this way, North Sea Port generates growth and development, for companies, for partners and for society.

North Sea Port’s vision is as follows:

‘As a newcomer among Europe’s leading ports, to enable the new region to grow in terms of sustainable economic activity with high added value by means of high-quality service provision.’

The employees communicate what North Sea Port stands for by embodying the following values:

  • Customer focus 
  • Willingness to work together
  • Organisational commitment/involvement
  • Efficiency and focus on results
  • Focus on innovation, creativity and solutions
  • Agility and decisiveness