Terms & conditions and documents

North Sea Port is responsible for order and safety in the port. A number of by-laws and conditions have been drawn up for this purpose. This includes the Port Management By-laws and the Terms and Conditions.

Official language Scheldt Region
Using Dutch or English when communicating with other nautical users in the Scheldt region or with traffic control is obligatory. Failing to fulfil this obligation is an offence.

The official language helps us guarantee safety on the river. The Western Scheldt is one of the busiest bodies of water in the world. Dangerous situations may occur if the crews of different ships are unable to understand each other.

Common Nautical Management has created a brochure for nautical users about the use of the official language. This brochure contains information about the importance of knowing the official language in six different languages. You can download the Dutch and English versions of the brochure below. The other versions and further information can be found on www.vts-scheldt.net.