The name North Sea Port

North Sea Port doesn’t do mass production: instead, it always focuses on the requirements of the companies and stakeholders it serves. Based on close involvement and flexibility, it does all it can to offer tailored solutions. Thanks to integrated service provision, it provides support and stimulus where possible and where necessary. It contributes ideas and creates opportunities. In this way, North Sea Port generates growth and development, for companies, for partners and for society.

And as the driving force within that network, North Sea Port’s role is to facilitate and initiate partnerships. It is working to build an ecosystem of partners, stakeholders and companies, thus encouraging economic, ecological and social symbiosis. This makes them North Sea Port’s ambassadors. Because thanks to North Sea Port, they and we – together – can achieve better results, share experiences, help and strengthen each other.

Finally, North Sea Port is not the biggest but it is among Europe’s leaders. It generates prosperity, thanks to added value and employment. It is (relatively) small, but smart. An atypical player, with the ambition of actively building innovative business together with companies and stakeholders. North Sea Port is investing in progress and dynamism, in a resilient and effective manner.

NORTH SEA PORT Together. Smarter.

We opted for a descriptive, geographical name – a name that describes the region in a clear and straightforward manner. But also a name that expresses ambition and growth. With the name “North Sea Port”, we are claiming the entire North Sea region. We are placing ourselves in the heart of Europe.

With “Together” in our aspirational baseline, we are actively focusing on our close partnerships with our customers, port authorities and stakeholders. “Together” reflects our anchoring and the importance of our network. Moreover, it underlines what sets North Sea Port apart: 1-to-1 contact. So at micro level, too, “together” is a promise we can make good on.

“Smarter” reflects our decision to put our faith in innovation and innovative entrepreneurship. It also has a touch of bravado about it, without becoming arrogant. But it’s not just about us, North Sea Port; the added value for our customers and other stakeholders is clear: working with North Sea Port transcends the logistical details. It will help our customers do business better.

We have opted for aspiration and statement in our design, too. We are retaining our familiar port colours, but recasting them in a unique form – a form that expresses cooperation and dynamics, “Together” and “Smarter”, but is also refreshingly different and innovative.